We are constantly researching, trying, testing, buying and dyeing new leathers and will try to make, find or import what you are looking for.


Wax and Milled Fine around Grained
This leather has a lightly waxed and milled till it has a very fine crackle finish around the grain. Natural under-the-surface markings can be seen, giving it an authentic lived -in look. These have proven to be good wearing in both domestic and contract, providing they are looked after with the correct products.


Suede/Aniline, buffed pebble tips
This is a drum dyed leather that is sprayed with a contrast colour and the tips of the grain are then buffed off. The result is a two tone effect, with parts of the hide feeling very suede-like and smooth, and parts where the pebble is more pronounced. It can have a water resistant protection coat applied after it is made up.


Heavy Wax Crackle
A Heavy coat of wax, and then milled to give this a heavy shiny crackled look to the surface. Perfect for the traditional Chesterfield sofa, but also really interesting for more modern or retro furniture pieces. Unique and natural in the overall effect on the hide surface.


Smooth Oil / Suede
A thicker leather that has been heat pressed with an oil to give you a beautiful smooth gloss that will break down with use to a soft as butter velvet touch. Authentic, innovative, great for bags, and certain types of furniture, but not traditional deep buttoning.


Pebbled oil Pull up
Noticeable grain on this slightly thicker cut hide with a subtle oil pull and matt finish.


Semi Aniline crackle Finish
These are a well-crafted antique look that will not change much over time but maintain the look that’s been crafted into the leather and finish.


Large print corrected Grain
This leather is slightly marbled, similar to the Okavango range, but has been additionally buffed for a smoother finish.


Soft Corrected Grain
Beautifully finished soft corrected grain, that can be used in both the domestic and contract market with a broad range of colours from black to bright.


Aniline Game skin
These game skins are drum dyed and lightly finished. They have scratches and most hides hole or two, but it has a fantastic soft glove leather feel and bigger grain than bovine leather.

Luxury Leather

Semi aniline and corrected
This creamy to off white colour range is a mix of semi aniline and semi corrected grain, well suited to domestic or contract in a lighter colour range. The process of embossed grain can limit the amount of stretch this natural leather has, so may suit some of the large style contemporary furniture or bench seating.

Maasai Leather

Smooth buffed nubuck
Inspired by the open African plains, this mottled looking suede has been hand buffed and finished with a light liquid repellent finish, but still smooth and soft to the touch.


Oil Pull up Semi Aniline
A classic Classy oil infused leather finish that has subtle sheen and shading in an upholstery leather inspired by well-loved Italian shoe leather.


Semi Aniline wax creased
Smooth touch wax creased leather where the effect does not change too quickly over time. Produced on clean large hides.


Semi Aniline
Okavango is a semi-aniline product and has a lovely natural grain. A light spray of colour is applied to give it depth and enhance its resistance to light and stains. It will maintain its’ good looks and age naturally over a longer period of time.


New look Semi Aniline Suede Look
This is a new and exciting semi aniline suede/nubuck finish that is crafted as part of the top coat, the but soft touch of the leather will make you doubt that there is protective top coat. It’s looking to be a top seller for both the modern and traditional furniture.


Waxed Semi Aniline
Pista has a waxed finish with an irregular broad creased finish applied to it by hand. This leather is made to age and it will become softer and more creased in a finer sort of way where the leather is used. Natural, under-the-surface scratches and markings can be seen through the clear wax top coat, making it a truly natural and hard wearing.


Soft touch semi aniline
Portofino leather has a marbled look about it, and subtle colour shading can be seen. It has a lovely silicone sheen on its surface and will age beautifully.


Semi Aniline oil pull up
This product has a smooth, and subtly sheened finish. It lightens where it is pulled or stretched which adds to its sophisticated antique feel. The leather creases where it is used/sat on, but the oils then return into the creases, and over time a lovely lived-in look appears on the areas getting more wear. The oil deepens the colours of hide, but all the shades come to life beautifully when upholstered. Seeing is believing.


Semi Aniline
A beautiful semi aniline leather with a smooth silky finish, made specifically for contract or high traffic domestic.


Semi Aniline antique look
A matt crackle looking leather crafted into the topcoat, so what you see is what you get all across the hide. Soft and serviceable, and suitable for all leather uses.


Semi Aniline
Smooth and sophisticated finish, just the right amount of sheen, subtle hints of 2 shades in one in one hide.


Waxed & Milled Semi Aniline
This leather has a shiny, waxed top coat, an intense all over crackle effect, and authentic antique look of a natural aged leather.