Whatnot Leather & Fabric is a family-owned business, launched in 1998.
 Working closely with our local tanneries and mills is of utmost importance to us.
While living and working in South Africa we are influenced by our customers lifestyles and needs.

Whatnot has became synonymous with linens, cottons, silks and leather.
With the focus on natural textured fabrics and endless leather ranges.

The variety of available Leathers is constantly growing to meet market needs.
This carefully selected collection is suitable for home, corporate, and hospitality requirements.

Complimenting the leather collection is a variety of Game Skins and Hides
from gemsbok, to zebra to ostrich; the possibilities are endless.   

Our Fabric ranges have evolved and changed with our customers needs.

The Print Portfolio collection currently offers over 30 designs, and new designs are constantly being added.
All designs in this collection are digitally printed. (Being digitally available they are never discontinued)
Fabric designs that can be modified according to colour, size, or base cloth. 

You-Print is the latest revolutionary addition to the collection.
Giving clients the opportunity to custom print their own designs on a variety of base-cloths.
Designers and decorators are encouraged to be creative and innovative.
You-Print is locally printed, using the latest environmentally friendly print technology.

Whatnot offers a variety of homeware items, including cushions, bathmats, throws, or blankets.
Each item is carefully selected and locally sourced.

We are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative local products to offer.