Find My Leather
Leather is a natural bi product and thus each hide differs from the next with regards markings, grain, texture and colour.
The subtle differences are part of leather’s enduring appeal and is the result of factors such as the breed of the bovine,
their age and sex, prevalent weather and grazing conditions, diet, and whether they are local or imported.
Be it colour or finish this carefully selected collection is suitable for home, corporate and hospitality requirements.
Complimenting the leather collection is a variety of game skins and hides.
Find My Fabric
Through the years the fabric ranges have evolved and changed with our customers needs. The Print Portfolio collection was developed for that exact reason.
With over 30 designs currently, new designs are constantly being added with the benefit that they are digitally available so they can never be discontinued.
You-Print is the latest addition to the collection. The ability to offer clients the opportunity to custom print their own designs on a variety of base-cloths is revolutionary.
Collections can be modified according to colour, size and base cloth; creating exciting possibilities for fabric designs.