Genuine Leather

Leather is a natural bi product and thus each hide differs from the next with regards markings, grain, texture and colour. The subtle differences are part of leather’s enduring appeal and is the result of factors such as the breed of the bovine, their age and sex, prevalent weather and grazing conditions, diet, and whether they are local or imported.

Leather Range

Leather Detail

Cattle also occasionally scratch and mark themselves on vegetation and fencing, and they are susceptible to insect bites which can also leave permanent scars. Some of these marks sit under the surface but can be seen depending on the finish and depth of colour, these are deemed accepted as a naturally occurring addition to the character and uniqueness of leather. In SA most hides have brand marks which are usually cut around and deeper scars and tick bites etc are usually cut around or can be hidden in an obscure place on the finished product, most good manufacturers understand what is acceptable but it is your responsibility to have this understanding with them.

All the above factors combine to influence the manner in which the hides absorb the tanning chemicals and dyes, and this creates the resulting individual personalities. The more natural the finish the more these factors come into play, but then the best selection is chosen , but like all natural woods and tiles there is a colour and texture consistency that is created in each batch, and at Whatnot Leathers we shade and match every order.